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Tyre Sealant 473ml

Slime's product range is the world’s safest and most effective sealant. When a puncture occurs, the patented sealant is carried directly to the puncture. The pressure of the escaping air forces the Fibro-Seal® particles into the opening, where they build up and intertwine to form a long-lasting, flexible plug. Instantly, air loss is blocked and a flat tyre is prevented.

  • Prevents and repairs flat tyres
  • Lightweight, non-corrosive, non-hazardous
  • Seals bead
  • Tyre sensor safe

Part number: SDS-500/06-IN

Barcode: 716281003967

Commodity Code40052000
Weight (kg)3.84
Case Quantity6
Cases Per Layer42
Layers Per Pallet4
Pallet Quantity1008

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