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Slime Smart Repair Plus Kit (Promo)

Purchase 3 x 50138-51 Slime Smart Repair Plus Kits and receive 3 x 10188-51 Slime Assist Emergency Tyre Sealant 450ml Bottle worth £19.99 each at Retail

Promotional pack part number: 3X50138-51

A complete emergency tyre repair kit, containing a tyre inflator and 650ml sealant

  • Just 15 minutes to repair and fully inflate your tyre with the simple push of a button. No jack or tools needed!
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) safe - powerful tyre inflator suitable for large tyres found on vans, trucks, SUVs
  • Inflator plugs into a 12v car charging socket
  • Dial display for monitoring tire pressure and a pressure release valve
  • Inflator can be used on other inflatables
  • Water soluble sealant approved by leading automotive manufacturers
  • Zipped storage bag

Part number: 3X50138-51

Barcode: 716281510625


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