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Original Full Kit Graphite

Rimblades® Original are a great value product designed to offer alloy rim protection from light kerb impact at parking speeds and additionally as a colour trim ring styling upgrade or to cover existing damage on your alloy wheels. They also offer a good amount of wheel protection against small road debris (flying gravel chips, for example) and parking scrapes.

Rimblades® Original are manufactured from Santoprene by Exxon Mobil, which is from the TPV family of materials, so although technically a plastic, it has the look & feel of a high quality rubber. Santoprene is a very expensive raw material costing triple that of normal plastics. Rimblades® Original have a thin wire core running through the centre of the profile to prevent the wheel rim protector from ever stretching or shrinking due to extreme temperatures. Rimblades® Original are factory fitted with a genuine 3M Automotive grade VHB (Very High Bond) tape with an orange heavy duty liner.

Due to the unique patented profile, Rimblades® Original are conformable to a multitude of different wheel shapes (although they do require a continuous surface). Rimblades® Original require cutting to size during each application, and are supplied in 4 x 2.1 metre lengths and will fit wheels up to and including 24” in diameter.

Includes 4 lengths of Rimblades® Original, 4 x 3M IPA cleaning wipes, 4 x 3M 06396 adhesion promoter sponges and a set of colour matched joint covers with adhesive.

  • Value-packed alloy rim protection and style enhancement
  • Premium Santoprene construction for durable and rubber-like feel
  • Wire core prevents stretching or shrinking in extreme temperatures
  • Strong 3M VHB tape ensures secure and long-lasting bond
  • Patented profile for adaptable fit on various wheel shapes

Part number: SS5517

Barcode: 5060284401493

Commodity Code3919908099
Weight (kg)0.22
Length (cm)27
Width (cm)11
Height (cm)33
Case Quantity20

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