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Cycling Chain Spray Ultra 400ml

Chain Spray Ultra is a (wet) lubricant with ceramic particles to treat chains and sprockets of bikes. Chain Spray Ultra has a high-viscosity and therefore bonds better when used in wet conditions. Chain Spray Ultra is water repellent, prevents wear and is resistant to all weather conditions. In dry weather conditions, we recommend Chain Spray Sport

  • Regular lubrication of your bike components is an essential part of keeping your bike in perfect condition. When you clean your bike, some of the lubricants are also lost in the process. So it is important to reapply these lubricants in order to keep your bike in optimum condition and perfect working order.

Part number: M000272

Barcode: 8711347204762

Commodity Code32082090
Weight (kg)0.356
Length (cm)6.7
Width (cm)6.7
Height (cm)22

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