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Little Trees Marketing Campaign

For over 50 years LITTLE TREES® Air Fresheners have been the most recognised and respected brand in the world. Established in 1952, there is a vast range of premium fragrances and designs, with the instantly recognisable tree shape becoming a truly global symbol of freshness.

The ‘Keeping your car fresh since 1952’ campaign focuses on the fun and various designs of LITTLE TREES®, which can be seen in many nationwide retail outlets, whilst also recognising the heritage of the brand.

The initial nationwide campaign will be visible in the busiest service stations focusing on creating brand awareness amongst a motoring audience with a motoring mind-set whilst they are driving their cars. Motorways represent 33% of daily road traffic on only 1% of UK total roads reaching millions of consumers & business owners.

The consumer will initially see the brand through eye-catching 6 sheet panels strategically placed at entry and exit points of the chosen service stations. This will be then reinforced through A3 washroom advertising in both male and female facilities and also with fuel cap brand awareness.

Neil Haines, CEO of Saxon Brands Ltd, comments: “This is an exciting campaign which will raise the profile and awareness of the LITTLE TREES® brand, targeting one of our key demographic audiences. This is a truly recognisable brand and the campaign will focus on the variety and fun that the iconic Tree now represents”.

June 19, 2017

Design by Saxon Brands