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Easy, Fast Emergency Tyre Repair

There's never a good time to get a flat tyre, least of all in the colder, darker, winter days, so road users need to ensure they've got the right kit in hand to get them back on the road swiftly, should tyre problems arise. Figures from the leading Roadside Assistance providers tell us that, along with battery issues, tyre trouble is the main breakdown issue faced by motorists when travelling.

This makes it the perfect time to be stocking the flat tyre repair kits from Slime - the easy alternative to a spare tyre. No more having to struggle with a jack or wait for roadside assistance, Slime's repair kits are the simple way to repair a flat tyre emergency in just 12 minutes!

So how do the repair kits work? Slime offers a variety of different flat tyre repair kit options, but the core of each kit is the same: tyre repair sealant is installed into your tyre, the inflator pushes air into the wheel, quickly re-inflating it and plugging the puncture.

These are products with a broad appeal to many of your customers, including:
- Frequent drivers - especially those who don't like travelling at night, in the rain or in the dark
- New drivers, or those who don't know how to change a flat tyre
- Motorists who are physically unable to change a flat tyre
- Current sealant purchasers whose existing product is old or out of date

Slime also offers a sealant refill pack hiving plenty of future opportunities for return visits and replacement sales, as well as the opportunity to engage the motorist in further breakdown and emergency product conversations.

Need to repair a flat tyre? Think Smart, think Slime.

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By CarDealer Magazine

April 14, 2023

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