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20A Off Grid

Monitored charging to keep you off grid longer. The CTEK 20A OFF GRID CHARGING SYSTEM charges your battery bank while you’re driving to stop it going completely flat so you can spend more time off grid. You can charge it from alternator, solar or wind power and, for complete peace of mind, you can see at a glance how much charge you’ve got left and the length of time till your batteries are discharged.

  • The D250S DUAL charger can get its energy from alternators, solar panels and wind power
  • It separates starter and service battery and maximizes the use of the both without risking that the starter battery is unable to start the engine
  • The System Monitor constantly monitors the voltage and current (charge and discharge) to show you the exact how much charge you have and how many hours you’ve got left before your battery bank is empty

Part number: 40-256

Barcode: 7340103402565

Commodity Code85044055
Weight (kg)11.7
Thickness (mm)379
Width (mm)367
Length (mm)542
Case Quantity10
Cases Per Layer12
Layers Per Pallet6
Pallet Quantity720

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